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This application will allow you to rotate your screen and change its orientation
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Dealing with documents that have a different orientation than the one of your screen can be quite a hassle. If you can’t rotate them, the simplest solution would be to change the orientation of your display. Pivot is designed to help you with that.

With this software, you can change the orientation of your monitor from portrait to landscape and back, and rotate your screen by 90, 180 or 270 degrees. The “rotate to 0” option will bring your display back to its original position.

In my opinion, the biggest advantage that Pivot offers is is amazingly user friendly interface. Besides allowing you to easily control it from its tray icon, this program will also integrate itself in the Windows right-click menu. Furthermore, you can add a floating button that you can place anywhere on your desktop which will help you quickly rotate the display.

Pivot can be operated with the help of customizable shortcut keys. This is great as the movements of your mouse cursor are related to the orientation of your screen, so pointing and clicking can be a bit difficult while your display is turned.

A small disadvantage for Pivot is that the floating button doesn’t have a transparency option, so it might hinder you a bit. Still, you can choose between three different button sizes or opt to disable it, so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

In the end, Pivot is a solution for every user who needs to change the orientation of the screen. This tool is a bit expensive, but it gets the job done so you should definitely try it out, especially since you can do it for free.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • The program will automatically integrate into your Windows right click menu
  • It allows you to save workspace
  • The application can be controlled with the help of customizable global shortcut keys
  • It supports multiple monitors usage


  • The floating button doesn't have a transparency option
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